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Importance of Law in Society

Why is it important to have a law in society? If the law isn’t implemented in society, just think what impact it is going to have on our society. How is the world going to be without laws and regulations? The more you know about the importance of law in society, the better you will understand why this is so important.

Everyone can come as pleased without consequences

This might sound great, to have a society where the law isn’t an issue. Where everyone come as they please. No rules and regulations. No police and law experts.

Many people might think that this is the best thing that you can get. To live at a place where the law isn’t an issue. Where you can come and go just as you please. For some people, this might be heaven on earth. But for the victims, this isn’t going to be fun, and there will be no consequences for anyone.

Driving vehicles without laws

In our society, the one thing that most of us are doing is driving. Driving vehicles or even motorbikes. But, think for one minute what is going to happen when there isn’t any rules and laws for driving. You can drive on the left- or right-hand side, it doesn’t matter at all. Or, you don’t need to use the stop sign as a stop.

You can drive at any speed, drive any vehicle without worrying about roadworthiness. This can really be dangerous and many lives can be lost on the road. This is why it is important to have a law in society.

When people are stealing or murdering other people

Without any laws, people can steal and murder anyone as they please. They won’t get any jail time, because there aren’t any law facilities for people that are thieves or murders. They can just go out and do the same thing again. And, because there isn’t any laws and regulations, they can do this as many times as what they want.

It will not matter if you are murdering your spouse or even your children. There isn’t a law, so you can do anything you please to do. Without the worry that you are going to get caught out.

Life, in general, will be hectic

Life without the law will be hectic. No, it will be more than just hectic. There will be deaths everywhere, murders and thieves. And, the worst part is that there isn’t anything that anyone can do about it. Putting everyone and their possessions at risk.

The importance of law. The reasons why we are still relatively safe on earth. It might sound great to think that you don’t need to worry when you want to get your friend back. However, this isn’t such a great idea as what people might think. The more law there is in society, the better educated they will be and the safer people will be in general. This is why there is a strong connection between law and society.

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